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The Monack Framework

MonackFr is an open source framework. By developing new or combining existing modules you will be able to create tailor made web software

MonackFr will be an open source framework to make developing web applications easier. By developing new or combining existing modules you will be able to create tailor made web software. Easy to use for end users and easy to maintain for system administrators.

The goals of MonackFr are

  • helping developers creating software in a fast, efficient and maintenance friendly way
  • helping administrators combine modules into a tailor made web application
  • providing a user friendly environment

For administrators

One of the goals of MonackFr is to make it possible for system administrators to combine functionality into a tailor made web application. The idea is to create a framework in which you can install modules that add functionality to this framework.

Besides adding functionality these modules are able to communicate with each other, giving them the capability to extend other modules. So, for instance, if there is a project management module and you add an invoice module, the project management module can implement functionality of the invoice module, making it easier to produce an invoice directly from a project.

For end users

MonackFr will give end users a fast and easy to understand interface to do their daily work. Users will only see the functionality they really use. Parts of the interface will be per user customizable, so users can change the application the way they prefer.

For developers

The application will have a modular approach. If you need to build a web application you can combine basic functionality from existing modules and extent it with something you need, or you you can start with a complete empty framework.

You can combine custom and existing modules into a separate easy to install package. The basics of the application like installation scripts and user management will be provided by MonackFr so the only thing you need to do is adding your modules and publish.

You are welcome to contribute, please contact me through my website if you like to join.

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